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"Excellent coffee and affordable made to order to breakfasts make this place a must"

"The only reason I went downstairs is because I'm hooked on the Seven Suns breakfast menu. Whole wheat waffles piled high with fresh Thai fruit and topped with raw honey. My favorite was the all-natural muesli with fresh fruit, yogurt and honey. Every morning I'd see Sanh, the fairer half of the couple that owns SevenSuns, make a shopping list and send the chef to the market for fresh fruit and vegetables".

5 Star Rating
5 Stars!

This review looks at one of Chiang Mai's newest "fine dining" opportunities.
The SevenSuns Residence, with its prime location in the heart of the Old City of Chiang Mai, on Ratchamanka Road.

This Boutiuque Hotel has started to receive solid 5 Star Ratings from customers (See Tripadvisor). From reading these reviews, you can see that customers regularly mention the themed décor, very friendly service, great food and value.

A first impression of the restaurant would most likely be the design. As you walk in, you immediately get a sense of the ambience from the furnishings and the decorations.

The first area is a relatively spacious outdoor bar area which has a plenty of seats. The restaurant is often busy. However, you can order drinks and look into the main dining area with a high ceiling and lovely wooden furntiure while waiting. The lighting in this room, particularly at night, is set by dimmed lamps that can be described as giving a relaxed glow which complements the wooden décor.

You can watch the Kitchen through the sliding glass windows. Stainless Steel and clean white tiles predominate. Probably one of Chiang Mai's finest kitchen's.

This is the SevenSuns Residence "Healthy Breakfast Menu".

The Yoghurt and Fresh fruit Salad looks just yummy. But I have to admit to leaning towards enjoying the BIG Breakfast,. There is really nothing like the kick start for a hectic day site seeing, than real fried eggs, bacon on the side, and toast and marmalade washed down with some superb coffee.

Enjoy some pre-dinner drinks at the bar before sitting down for an evening meal. The menu and blackboard are in real English. Waiters are helpful and can make suggestions.

I suggest the Sesame Shrimp & Apple Salad for a very very tasty starter!. The home made Sesame dressing is outstanding. Its also healthy.

For something a little spicy (as in Thai spicy), Thailand is famous for SomTum. This is a Papaya and Shrimp salad. Your forehead will bead with sweat (the Som Tum is hot) and the smile on your face will be a treat to see. (Note: In Thailand, spicy refers to Chili heat not aftershave).

For a main course, try the Nam Toke Moo, a spicy dish of grilled Pork with Thai Spices. Or order and enjoyed the Green Chocken Curry, made with a spicy Green Curry sauce to die for, succulent Chicken, Eggplant and green Peppers
Don't forget to try the deserts. A Sorbet is a lovely way to round of an absoultely enjoyable dinner. After dinner coffee is outstanding and the coffee is Thai grown by the Hill Tribes in Northern Thailand.

Fine dining at SevenSuns Residence will leave feeling replete (ie: "im lao - pronounced as in "Tim" and Lao, as in Country Laos. Meaning I am so full of food.

SevenSuns is now offering a family style Saturday evening BBQ, with shared dishes and a great way to meet fellow locals and / or travellers.

Certainly recommended. The staff especially are friendly and helpfull, the service unobtrusive and the menu outstanding.

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