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Map of the Old City of Chiang Mai

Places of Interest:
A. SevenSuns Residence
B. The Night Bazaar Area
C. Wororot Market
D. Phra Singh Post Office
E. Nong Buak Hard Public Park
F. Good Morining Chiang Mai
(Great Breakfasts)
G. Central Plaza Shopping Centre
H. Computer City
I. Com Plaza
J. Pantip Plaza Chiang Mai
Significant Places:
1. Wat Chedi Luang
2. Thappae Gate (East Gate)
3. Wat Phra Sing
4. Chiang Mai Gate (South Gate)
5. Suan Dok Gate ( West Gate)
6. Chiang Phuek Gate (North Gate)
7. Wat Bhuparam
(Rare White Reclining Budha)
8. Wat Phrajao Mengrai

Map of the Old City of Chiang Mai

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