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SevenSuns only provides two sizes of luxury suites.
Large (= Huge) and Junior (= Very Large).

Just so you know, the actual sizes of our rooms are: Large Suites are 45sq metres and Junior Suites are 38sq metres.

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Both size suites are of a luxurious size and each suite comes standard with a "king size" bed, wi-fi access, flat screen TV with too many channels to count. There are lots of Sports channels, lots of English speaking movie channels, lots of soapies from around the world, plus BBC, CNN and Bloomberg to keep you in touch with the world.

Every suite includes large ensuite showers and bathrooms. Plus fridge and coffee making facilities with somewhere very confortable to sit and enjoy.

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Standard Off Season Rates *
March 2017 - October 2017
* Breakfast included.
Junior Suites 1,350 Baht per night *including breakfast
Junior Suites 1,150 Baht *excluding breakfast

Large Suites 1,550 Baht *including breakfast
Large Suites 1,350 Baht per night *excluding breakfast

Extra Bed 550 Baht *including breakfast
Extra Bed 350 Baht *excluding breakfast
Standard High Season Rates *
1st November 2017 - 28th February 2018
* All Suites Special Breakfast Package: 200 Baht per person
(order any breakfast from the Breakfast Menu).
* Junior Suites 1,950 Baht per night
* Large Suites 2,150 Baht per night

*Extra bed 500 Baht per night
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