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The rules for linking with SevenSuns Residence!
If you would like to request a link exchange:

1. Please ensure that your website is of a compatible and similar nature to SevenSuns Residence.

*In other words: a Hotel, Guesthouse an Inn (and so on). Tour operators, car hire, food and beverage, restaurants etc are also acceptable for linking.

Don't ask us to link with a business or organisation that is completely unrelated.

2. The link to the SevenSuns Residence website must be a primary domain. No 2nd, 3rd etc. party domain link exchanges allowed.

3. Please provide a small Icon or Banner Image with Text that describes your web site / business. The contact email address is here

4. All instuctions from us, reciprocated in kind. We will provide a SevenSuns Residence logo, and also simple text description.

Friends and partners


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