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SevenSuns Residence was awarded Superhost Status by AirBNB on 11th January 2017
and was awarded Superhost status again on 12th July 2017.  See what AirBmB had to say below.


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you’re a Superhost

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Congratulations, Lester,

You did it again! You’ve been a Superhost now for 7 quarters. In the year leading up to 2017-06-30, you qualified by hosting 46 trips and earning 5-star reviews 95% of the time. Your response rate was 95% with no cancellations.

You’ve delighted and supported your guests, and we think that deserves to be rewarded. Your Superhost status comes with these great benefits:

Search FilterStand out in Search: Guests can easily find recognized hosts like you when they use the Superhost search filter.

Superhost BadgeSuperhost badge: Everyone on Airbnb can see this special badge, and you can embed it on other websites or on social media. Go ahead — show off a little. #superhost

Your status is reevaluated each quarter, so remember to keep an eye on your host dashboard, and keep up the fabulous hospitality!

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