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Things to see and do around Chiang Mai.

"Seven" Cool Things to Do.

Its not really hard to come up with "seven things to do". There are so many things to do covering everything from Thai Cookery to the best hanging around a lake. So here is my pick of the best things to see and best things to do when visiting Chiang Mai.

1. Go to the top of the Mountain.
This is a must do for first timers. There is a fabulous panoramic view of the city from (almost) the top of the Mountain that overlooks the city. Doi Suthep is not only an interesting Temple to visit, but has unparalled views of the city, old city and even the airport.

2. Climb up a Waterfall. 
If your haven't swum in any of the South East Asian waterfalls or climbed one, Bua Tong Waterfall, or the ‘Sticky Waterfall’, is unlike any waterfall you’ve ever seen. 

The high levels of calcium carbonate in the water give the rocks traction, and while they look slippery, you can actually walk up them with no problem. 

There is grassy park area at the top of the fall to sit, eat and drink.  You can access the fall from the top, but it’s better to take the stairs down to the bottom then climb up – the view of the treetops and mountains is much more rewarding when you work for it a little!  The waterfall is about an hour outside Chiang Mai on highway 1001 heading toward Phrao, inside the Mae Taeng National Forest Reserve. 

Have a look c/o Youtube here.

Cost: Free to get in, but you’ll need to figure out transportation.  Depending on the number of people going, you could rent a Song Theow for the day, or even an air-conditioned mini van (Seven Suns Residence staff can check at travel shops for you).

3. Learn how to cook Som Tum or Pad Thai. There are really too many classes to pick just one good one. Ask the SevenSuns Residence staff for advice.

4. See a live Thai Boxing Match. Thai Kick Boxing is more than a national sport. There are several places to choose from in and around Chiang Mai. Unwary travellers may be directed to Gymnasiums and Rings set up just for tourists. US & Europian Wrestling were not the only sports to figure out how to play at wrestling. In Chiang Mai, there really is just one place to choose and that is the old Kawila Boxing Stadium. You will need a Tuk Tuk there and back.

5. Enjoy lazing around a cool lake. Chiang Mai is getting very hot and very humid. Its that time of the year just before the Monsoon (wet season) starts. When it’s hot outside and you feel like a lazy day, don’t hang around a guest house pool and instead the go to Huay Tung Tao, a small lake just outside of town at the base of Doi Suthep. 

You can see what Trip Advisor says here.

Spend the day lounging in a lakeside cabana at one of the many little restaurants.  To get there head north on Canal Road from Huay Kaew road.  After about ten minutes you’ll see signs on your left (in English) for where to turn. Cost: 20 baht to get into the park.  The easiest way to get out there is via motorbike so you have control over when to go and when to leave, but you could get a group of people together and rent a red songthaew (shared taxi truck) to take you and pick you up at a certain time

6. Enjoy a Round of Golf. With 2 courses just 15mns from the city centre, and 11 other terrific courses courses aavailable less than 1 hour away, Chiang Mai is really a very interesting golfing destination. And its not expensive either.
Click here for more information.

7. Go visit a Farm.
There are more Farms than you can poke a stick at. Orchid Farms, Butterfly Farms, Organic Vege Farms and even some Coffee Farms. Caves? We have those. Waterfalls? not far away either. Hot Springs? yes and very hot too. Markets? You can shop till you drop here. Endless numbers of morning markets, day markets, afternoon markets and night markets (see item 1 above).

A few things to do around Chiang Mai

Buatong Waterfalls, Chiang Mai

learn to cook Thaj

Huay Tong Lake, Chiang Mai

4 more things to do around Chiang Mai

"More than 700 years old, the Old City of Chiang Mai is an ancient City."
The history; the culture; the beauty; a mix of old and of new.

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